Affiliated Business Disclosure - This is to give you notice that Christopher Pardee and Marcy Benson, owners of Premier Real Estate have a business relationship with the following companies: Keystone Realty, INC, Front Door Settlement Services, LLC and Artisan Kitchen and Bath because of these relationships, referring or using these services may provide Weichert Realtors Premier a financial or other benefit.

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What we do

It’s a simple idea, Tap into 360 is an all-in-one destination for all your home ownership needs! With extensive backgrounds in real estate and finance – and above all – a strong connection to the community, the founders of Tap into 360 identified the need for homeowners to easily access home services from local companies. We have designed Tap into 360 to be a comprehensive destination for all the services a homeowner needs – from financing to renovation to basic maintenance, we can connect you with reputable local solutions for any project or situation.

We believe that increasing your property value will improve your neighborhood, and using the services of local companies benefits your entire community.

Our Founding Members

The Historic Firestone Building

This unusual building near the center of Williamsport had been used continuously as the Firestone Tire Center since 1936. Renovations were extensive, involving lowering the first floor to accommodate a new second floor art gallery and general office spaces on the lowered first floor within the existing building structure. The interior and exterior of the building required a complete and thorough renovation involving all elements of construction. Concentration of design elements were focused on the 2 story main entrance, where curved glass and matching brickwork provide an attractive entrance. A new HVAC system was installed throughout the facility, and plumbing and electrical systems were expanded and upgraded to current standards.

In 2015, the building became the home of Premier Real Estate. Since then, many businesses have worked together to provide assistance to home buyers and sellers. Tap Into 360 is the culmination of this group of businesses, who have come together under one roof as a one-stop location for all your housing needs. Tap into the resources around Williamsport, Tap Into 360.